Rules and Regulations

   1. Harishchandra Ramkali (P.G.) College is strictly a non-smoking zone and consumption of any type of alcohol, tobacco, betel-leave masala , gutka and drugs etc. is strictly prohibited. Violation of code of conduct would invite serious administrative measures and even suspension.
2. Mobiles must be switched off inside the academic block, administrative block and library. If a mobile rings inside these blocks then penalty shall be imposed on the student.
3.For reasons of safety, students shall not be allowed to come to campus by their private vehicles. Students are expected to use either public transport for commutation.
4. All students must attend the college as well as all college functions in prescribed college uniform. Students shall not be allowed to attend classes without proper uniform.
5. Students must reach college at scheduled time and all the students are expected to wear their I-cards inside the campus.
6. All students are expected to be inside the classroom before the faculty member enters the class. Students shall not be allowed to attend a class if he/she is late.
7. All students must obtain minimum 75% attendance in theory as well as in practical classes in each subject to be eligible for internal as well as university examinations. Any student who fails to obtain the minimum attendance shall be debarred from internal and university examinations.
8. Any misconduct or mis behavior in the Institute campus/Hostel or outside shall be viewed seriously and liable to be penalized accordingly to Uttarakhand State University Act.
9. Students must abide by the rules and regulations enforced from time to time by the Institute/ Uttarakhand Technical University.
10. If after enrollment in the institute a student does not attend classes without leave for more than seven days his/her name shall be struck off from the college rolls.
11. It is mandatory for students to clear all their dues before examinations, failing which the student shall be debarred from the examinations.
12. Students are expected to follow all the rules and regulations of the library.
13. Ragging or any act that causes mental and physical harassment to another student will invite penal action/penalty and the offender is likely to be expelled from the institute.
14. The institute does not hold itself responsible for any debts or financial deals made by students or their parents.

   Conduct and Discipline

  Student care is the guiding philosophy of the institute as declared by the trust on the opening day. Each student is individually supervised and helped.
The management and the Director directly interact with students and their parents for quality education and individual satisfaction. Parents are invited to
discuss the progress and problems, if any, regarding study and development /progress of their wards. 75% attendance submission of the assignments etc.
In time and participation in the essential activities by students is closely monitored. Students are liable to punishment if any of the terms of code of  conduct is violated. Type of action on violation of rules or misconduct by the student will solely be at the discretion of the management and shall be binding.


Dress Code:

The Institute have a dress code, which gives a sense of belonging and commonality in the Institute. It encourages students to be smartly. dressed and more disciplined. All students are required to come in classes and all other official functions in proper and prescribed dress/uniform.